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Why IV Therapy (Benefits)

Our bodies require many essential nutrients for proper functioning.  Today’s modern world is filled with constant demands on the body depleting its stores of these necessary nutrients.  Although a good diet is important, it is well known that even an ideal healthy diet can lack the quantities of vitamins we need to recover and combat the effects of acute illnesses, chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.  Vitamin supplementation has become a necessary part of modern life.  However, vitamins taken orally can have questionable absorption.  IV vitamin therapy bypasses the gut and the vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream where the body can utilize them.  Additional fluids help to restore hydration levels and help to flush out the toxins that the Vitamins help bind.  It is important to continue to hydrate well the days after your vitamin infusion to continue to flush out toxins.

What to expect with your treatment

 For your treatment our Board Certified MD will assess your health status and determine if and which treatments are most beneficial to you. The Registered Nurse will start an IV which is a simple procedure where a plastic catheter is inserted into a vein.  You may experience a cooling sensation as the vitamin bag is infused. Should you experience any discomfort with the infusion please inform your practitioner. Some patients experience a metallic taste in the back of the mouth. These are the vitamins (mainly the B vitamins) circulating in the bloodstream. This is completely normal. Please inform your practitioner if this is uncomfortable for you. The Infusion will take about 45 minutes to an hour.  Afterward, the IV is removed and the nurse practitioner places a bandage which can be removed usually within 30 minutes.  Again, it is important to continue to drink fluids to push out the toxins that some of the vitamins bind to.  You may notice a vitamin smell to your perspiration after treatment. This usually resolves within a day. Your urine may be darker than usual. This is also normal. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns after your treatment please contact our offices.

IV Therapy “Cocktail” Menu

  1. Myers Cocktail
    • Comprised of essential multivitamins and other nutrients, this cocktail premix is designed to help alleviate chronic symptoms, including ongoing pain, asthma and more. The combination is named for Dr. John Myers, who was known for administering vitamin and mineral drips to alleviate a variety of ailments.
    • Benefits: Helps alleviate stress
      • Improves immunity
      • Restores balance
      • Provides hydration
      • Helps reduce migraines
      • Reduces chronic pain
  2. B-Lean
    • Designed to help burn fat and boost metabolism, the B-Lean IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds, harnessing the benefits of B vitamins to raise energy levels and support a healthy metabolism.
    • Benefits
      • Helps convert fat into energy
      • Enhances athletic performance
      • Improves overall mood
      • Boosts your metabolism
  3. Inner Beauty
    • Designed to help bring out radiance and natural glow, this kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds believed to fortify hair, skin and nails, reduce wrinkles and quench skin from the inside out
    • Benefits:
      • Fortifies hair , skin and nails
      • Reduces wrinkles
      • Quenches tired skin
    • Contents
      • Vita Complex
      • Taurin
      • Methylcobalamin
  4. Immunity Kit
    • Designed to help your immune system, prevent illnesses and make you feel better faster after getting sick, this IV kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help improve immunity and promote optimal wellness.
    • Benefits: Protects against infection
      • Reduces duration of illness
      • Builds up Immune system
      • Prolongs healing time
    • Contents:
      • Ascorbic acid
      • Olympia Vita Complex
      • Zinc sulfate
      • 1-3 ml of ascorbic acid and Vita complex
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