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Our Lipotropic B12 L-Carnitine Injection is a powerful combo created to help you achieve your weight loss goals and increase energy levels. These injections for weight loss contain essential compounds our body needs to accelerate our metabolic rate and turn fat into energy. Formulated to provide support in your weight loss journey, the Lipotropic, B12, L-Carnitine shots contribute to the removal of fat from our body while providing numerous other benefits.


Specially formulated for people who want to combat weight gain and increase energy production, our nutrient injections include valuable nutrients:

Lipotropic compounds:

  • methionine – an essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats within the liver, promotes collagen production, combats fatigue, and prevents neurological damage;
  • inositol – a B-vitamin that encourages blood cell production, protects the health of nerve synapses, contributes to the metabolism of fat, reduces blood cholesterol, and promotes a better mood and appetite;
  • choline – an essential nutrient that supports liver function, contributes to the processing of chemical waste products, aids in fat metabolism, and distributes cholesterol to avoid its build-up in one part of the body.

Vitamin B12

Essential for DNA synthesis and the production of blood cells, vitamin B12 boosts the effects of lipotropic injections (MIC injections) and accelerates the metabolism, increases energy production, contributes to the fat burning process, regulates mood, sleep, and appetite, and maintains a healthy liver. While commonly found in foods of animal origin and fortified foods, many suffer from vitamin B-12 deficiency due to a low absorption rate or vegan diet.


L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid involved in the transport and breakdown of body fat that boosts energy and increases the exercise capacity of muscles. Including an L-Carnitine supplement in your dietary pattern helps you turn fatty acids into energy, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase exercise performance and endurance. 


Our combo shots of lipotropic compounds, vitamin B12, and L-Carnitine are a reliable ally in your fight against weight gain and fatigue. Each of the ingredients has its own benefits, but when mixed in one shot, their positive effects amplify and can help you:

  • burn fat faster
  • lose weight
  • increase athletic performance
  • improve endurance and stamina
  • help with lean muscle building
  • combat muscle weakness
  • prevent cognitive decline
  • combat anemia
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • improve mood
  • suppress appetite

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