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Fotona Signature Treatments

Laser ProcedureFee per ProcedureAverage Fee per PackagePackage
Fotona4D FaceliftTBDTBDfor package of 3
LipLaseTBDTBDfor package of 3
EyeLaseTBDTBDfor package of 3
for package of 3
TightSculptingTBDTBDfor package of 3
Eyebrow LiftingTBDTBDfor package of 3
Women’s Health ApplicationsTBDTBDfor package of 3
Additional Treatments
Laser ProcedureFee per ProcedureFee per Package of 3
Laser resurfacing peels-full ablativeTBD*Depends on Size of Area
Fractional Ablative ResurfacingTBD*Depends on Size of Area
Stretch marksTBD*Depends on Size of Area
Scar RevisionTBD*Depends on Type of Scaring
Acne Scar RevisionTBD*Depends on Type of Scaring
VeinsTBD*Depends on Size of Area
Wart removalTBD*Depends on type and insurance
Benign LesionsTBD*Depends on location and quantity
Active AcneTBD$999
Onychomycosis/Nail FungusTBD$999 (11 treatments in 12 months)
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